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Federal Contracting

Cohen Seglias’ Federal Contracting Practice Group knows how the system works. Our attorneys have considerable experience in representing federal construction contractors. We also understand the government's perspective and procedures because our attorneys have extensive experience on the other side of the table - handling construction contracting for federal agencies.

Our practice focuses on military and civil works construction, and our clients include general contractors, mechanical and electrical subcontractors, specialty subcontractors, and architect/engineers.

Within the Group, we have expertise in several unique sub-specialty areas including: federal construction, small business contracting, dredging, marine contracting, environmental remediation, and supplies and services.

We know what it takes for a contractor to successfully compete in the federal arena, and we provide valuable counsel to our clients by:

  • Making them aware of their rights and responsibilities under contracting laws and regulations.
  • Helping them navigate through complex government contracting procedures and regulations - from procurement through performance.
  • Aiding in the preparation of sealed bids and proper responses to requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Complying with the new regulations governing ethics in federal contracting

Our attorneys have served as government counsel to source selection boards, and we understand how a contractor's proposal is evaluated. We assist contractors in preparing packages that fully address evaluation factors such as:

  • Past performance
  • Technical merit
  • Experience
  • Quality of personnel
  • Management
  • Small business subcontracting
  • Price

We analyze the evaluation factors listed in the solicitation and make sure the contractor has responded fully and in a way the government will find convincing. And because we are aware of even the smallest details that can get a proposal rejected, we guide contractors through unexpected minefields, and assist them in preparing a superior package.

We have been involved in some of the leading cases decided by the boards of contract appeals and the courts in matters that occur during contract performance involving:

  • Differing site conditions
  • Defective specifications
  • Changes - including constructive changes and cardinal changes
  • Suspensions of work
  • Delays
  • Terminations for convenience
  • Terminations for default
  • Variations in estimated quantities
  • Over-inspection
  • Liquidated damages

We have successfully resolved government contracting cases through the dispute process, and we possess considerable experience in filing claims and appeals; but we prefer alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to litigation. Because we understand the government, we can focus on settlement strategies that garner the appropriate results that our clients deserve.

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