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Allegheny County Bar Association Construction Law Section: Nuts and Bolts of Federal Contracting

January 19, 2016 - Pittsburgh, PA

On January 19th, Ed DeLisle will present "Nuts and Bolts of Federal Contracting" at the Allegheny County Bar Association (ABCA) Construction Law section meeting.

"Nuts and Bolts" will cover the following Federal Contracting Topics:

  1. Federal Contracting Mechanisms: sole source contracts, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity, negotiation v. bidding, best value procurement, etc.
  2. Bidding and Bid Protests: what a contractor can do about poor/erroneous evaluations; standing issues; timing/logistics; how the GAO office works; how to develop a successful protest letter.
  3. Claims:  REA vs. formal “claim”, certification of claims and ethical responsibilities; jurisdictional issues and choice of forum; timing and logistics; pass-through claims; the Contract Disputes Act.
  4. Damages: Recovery of overhead/Eichleay formula; developing case law on recovery of home office overhead; unique issues for recovering overhead on federal projects; other unique damage issues.
  5. State Law Issues: Miller Act claims, flowdown clauses, the applicability of CASPA to federal contracts.

For more information, and to register for this event, please visit ACBA website.