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Government Agency Coordination Office PTAC: Federal Construction Contracts – Common Issues and Critical Claim Strategies

January 24, 2018 - Webinar

1:00-2:30 PM EDT

On January 24, we are hosting a webinar on common issues and critical claim strategies in federal construction contracts with the California University of Pennsylvania Government Agency Coordination Office - Procurement Technical Assistance Center, presented by Cohen Seglias partner Maria Panichelli.

Federal Contracting is a highly specialized area. The FAR and its supplementary regulations impose a host of obligations on contractors that can impact how a contractor performs a contract. These rules and regulations also dictate how those contractors can seek compensation for unanticipated issues and costs incurred on the job. Federal construction contracts are even more specialized, and familiarity with the specific FAR clauses addressing construction issues is critical to success.

In this webinar, Maria will walk attendees through some of the most common construction-related issues such as defective designs and specifications, differing site conditions, contract changes, suspensions, delays, and contract terminations. She will also provide a brief summary of the Contract Disputes Act litigation process used when bringing claims based on these issues. Finally, the webinar will cover some of the most common defenses used by the government when fighting these claims and the critical strategies to beat these defenses successfully.