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Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Program: Performance, REA’s & Claims, Terminations, and Evaluations

July 13, 2016 - Fairfax, VA

Maria Panichelli and Amy Kirby are presenting a class, "Performance, REA’s & Claims, Terminations and Evaluations," for Virginia PTAP on February 17th.

After you've won the contract award, what comes next? 

Maria and Amy will discuss some of the most common problems that arise during government contract performance, and how to avoid them. Because some of these issues are unavoidable, they will also discuss how to file Requests for Equitable Adjustments and Claims, walking  the audience through the entire litigation process and explaining how to maximize the likelihood of success, as well as the amount of recovery (including, in some cases, attorneys fees). Because terminations sometimes occur even to the best contractors, this class will also cover how to submit a T for C (termination for convenience) proposal, and how to challenge or convert a T for D (termination for default) decision. Lastly, this class will cover CPARS evaluations, and the process for challenging a negative review.

For more information, and to register, please visit the Virginia PTAP Website.