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TargetGov: REAs and CDA Claims: Key Strategies in Seeking Compensation

February 16, 2016 - Webinar

On February 16, 2016, Ed DeLisle and Maria Panichelli presented their webinar, "REAs and CDA Claims: Key Strategies in Seeking Compensation," for TargetGov.

After you've secured your Federal government contract award, what comes next? As any Federal contractor will tell you, the contract award is only the beginning. The FAR and its supplementary regulations impose a host of obligations on contractors, and can impact the ways in which a contractor performs a contract. These rules and regulations also dictate the ways in which those contractors can seek compensation for unanticipated costs incurred on the job. In this webinar, Ed and Maria will explore Requests for Equitable Adjustment, Claims, and the differences between the two. As they walk you through the Contract Disputes Act process, you will also learn how to maximize your chance of success when making claims against the Federal government.   

You can listen to their webinar here