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Thompson Information Services: Navigating the Protest and Claims Processes as a Small Business

May 26, 2016 - Webinar

On Thursday, May 26,2016, Partner Ed DeLisle will give a webinar, "Navigating the Protest and Claims Processes as a Small Business," hosted by Thompson Information Services at 1:00PM EST.

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As revenues shrink in many markets, businesses are flooding the government marketplace. This raises the number of bids and, consequently, the number of contract denials.

To win (and keep) awards in this intensely competitive environment, it’s critical to understand both sides of the bid protest process. That means knowing how to file bid protests that could put you back in the running for a contract. It also means knowing how to defend yourself if a competitor protests your award or the terms and conditions you’ve proposed.

This 90-minute webinar focuses exclusively on small businesses and their counsel. Step by step, federal contracting expert Edward Delisle shows you how to use bid protests to win more awards. You’ll discover what factors determine whether you should challenge a contract denial. You’ll learn how each part of the process works, plus practices that can improve your success in filing—and defending against—bid protests.

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